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I’m just wondering about the new law that I read about. How is that going to affect me if I get unemployed after my 1 year membership with you has finished?

I work with asphalt and every winter we get layed off for 3 months and get a special form from them to bring that says we are approved for the benefits because we are hired back as a guarantee. So does that not count for me anymore?

Please email me if anything else if required from me.

Alexander Maas
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You have contacted us,

We are not an A-kasse, but a website about all the danish A-kasser.

So if your intention was to get in touch with your own A-kasse, you can not use our service.

We write articles and give guidance about Unemployment benefit rules in Denmark.

As you may know we also have written an article concerning the new rule from January 1, 2019.

I would think that the new rule is not meant to include your situation. But we strongly recommend you to ask your A-kasse also.

However, If your contract indicates that you can be repatriated due to weather conditions, this should be done by reference to a specific employee Union/employer Union agreement ("overenskomst"), otherwise you may not receive unemployment benefits.

After you have member of the unemployment fund ("A-kasse") for at least 1 year, and meet the other requirements for being eligible for Unemployment benefits, you should be able to receive unemployment benefits during the 3 month period period where you will be layed off.

To be able to answer your question we would need to know more about your specific contract and the"overenskomst", your work conditions is regulated by.

So we strongly recommend you to contact your own A-kasse and ask them the same question.

Best regards,


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