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Dear Sirs, I am a master student in Denmark. As far as I know, as a student I should register for the a-kasse at least 1 month before I graduate.Is this correct and what are the rules for me as a student?
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thank you for you question.
the 2 main rules/possibility shortly explained:

The best for you would have been if you applied for membership in a "A-kasse" more than 1 year before your end study.
Membership is free of charge for students, and if you have been a member for at least one year before ending study you can have money from day 1 after ending study. You will get "Dagpenge" from the Danish State in case you did not get a job.

There is a second rule/possibility:
If you have not been member of a "A-kasse" during your study or leass than 1 year, you can get "dagpenge" from 1 month after you ending study.
Remember to apply for membership at latest 14 days after ending study.

You can find relevant A-kasser here:
From here choose your education in the drop-down. Then you will be directed to the relevant A-kasse for you.
As long as you are student all A-kasser is free of charge.

If you later have job you have to pay for membership.
You can then find the cheepest one at our site

You have the same rights no matter what A-kasse you choose. Because it is the Danish State who will pay you in case of unemployment. BUT is is important to be a member of a A-kasse. Otherwise you will only have the right to receive a very little amount ("kontanthjælp").

Hope it helps..
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