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Hi. I have a part time job. Only 15 hours per week during a few weeks.
I have worked last week in August (15 hours) and I was wondering how much I will get from the A-kasse for the supplementary benefit. I don´t think they will pay me the difference until 160,33 hours for just one week. How is that calculated?
thank you very much
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if you are approved for receiving supplementary benefits ("supplerende dagpenge") in your A-kasse, then you will get paid the supplementary benefits for the weeks you have been working less than 37 hours.

The supplementary benefits is calculated on a weekly basis, but is paid monthly.

As mentioned in the start - the A-kasse can only pay supplementary benefits ("supplerende dagpenge") to you for the weeks where you have work, if you have been approved by the A-kasse to get supplementary benefits.

If you have work in a week, but are not approved for Supplementary benefits, then you have no right to get benefits ("dagpenge") for that week.

Maximum 30 weeks with supplementary benefits within a 2-year period

Only weeks where you have both had work and paid unemployment benefits, counts.

If you work less than 37 hours in a week, and you at the same time get dagpenge for the month where the week is in, then the week will be counted in the usage of your 30 weeks with supplementary benefits.

It is voluntary if you want to use of the 30 weeks with Supplementary benefits. If you work in one week, but dont want to receive Supplementary benefits for that week, then you can tell on your monthly benefits card "Dagpengekort"), that you don's want to receive Supplementary benefits for that week. Then there will be withdrawed 37 hours in dagpenge for that week. But then you have not used of the maximum 30 weeks with supplementary benefits.

You will get paid up to 160,33 hours

There can be supplemented up to an max. of 160,33 hours per month. However there is a minimum of how small number of hours you can get paid for. If you have right to supplementary benefits for 14,8 hours or less for a month, then you will nog get paid any money.

This means that you can get supplementary benefits if you work less than 145,53 hours in a month. The number is 145,53, because you will not get paid if you only have right to 14,8 hours or less per month.(160,33-145,53=14,8).

In your case, where you have been working 15 hours in one week, and have no work rest of the month, you will get paid for 145,33 hours (160,33-15). Only for the week you have worked, you will use of the maximum of 30 weeks you have right to receive Supplementary benefits.

Once the 30 weeks are used

After you have spent all 30 weeks, you can no longer receive supplementary unemployment benefits in weeks where you have working hours. You are, of course, still entitled to receive unemployment benefits in weeks where you do not have working hours.

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Anders Weber,

Thank you very much. I dont have it clear yet. Just to organize my this theoretical case: I will work 15 hours the first week of october and then nothing. I will get paid 15 hours by the company and 145,33 by the a kasse. If I wouldn't work  these 15h at the company I would get paid by the akasse 160,33h. Is that right?
yes it is correct, assumed you meet all requirements for receiving supplementary benefits. But I assume you are approved by your A-kasse for supplementary benefits.
But you must be aware that you only have 30 weeks with supplementary benefits. If you continue to work part-time after the 30 weeks, then you can not receive any benefits any longer.
So it is not without "costs" to use a week with supplementary benefits.
But therefore it is also voluntary if you want to use one of the 30 weeks for one week where you have work. If you decide not to use a week with supplementary benefits, then you will not receive benefits for that week.

If you dont work at all in a month, you will get paid for the normal hours for full time insured, which is 160,33.

We will recommend that you get this confirmed by your A-kasse also.

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