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I would like to ask you, I know that I earned enough to get benefits because I lost the job unfortunately I need to use them now. I am member for one year and I earned over 228 000 DKK something which is needed.
I was checking my skat counting my income with maximum 19 029DKK which is allowed and I am getting over needed amount.
BUT My akasse is telling me that in indkomstregister I dont have enough earned. How this can be possible when payslips and skat is showing something different? Some employer did not do something or I dont know. I am lost now.
Could you help me?

Thank you.
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the rule about income says that only income from periods where you have been member of an A-kasse can be counted.

But you tell you have been member for 1 year, and if you in that period have earned more than the maximum amount DKK 19,029 every month, then 1 year membership should be sufficient for you.

Then the next thing is that your income must be normal salary that is reported by your employer to the "Indkomstregister".

We can't tell why your employer maybe not have reported your income to the "Indkomstregister" correctly. You must contact your employer to ask, if there is a mistake. And I am sure they can correct it by doing a new registration in "Indkomstregisteret".

It is out of the scope for our website to say why your income is not registered correctly in the "Indkomstregister". But the A-kasse can only use what they see in the register.

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Sorry for my late response and thank you for your answer. When I was checking indkomstregister through I can see that all my employees wrote the right amounts which I got.
And I know about the rule of 1 year.
Than I really dont understand how could my akasse told me that I did not earned enough.
They told me that I am missing over 35K DKK but according to my sallaries and counting with max. Amount 19029dkk per month I am getting over with minimally 15000DKK than needed amount 228000 DKK something for benefits.

Could you guess where could be a problem?

Thank you.
Best regards.
I am sorry but this is something we cant say, even though you give us some information about your income. It is not enough for us to decide what is your correct income. If you feel you dont get the right treatment by your A-kasse and you don't agree with their decisions concerning your right to Unemployment benefits, then you can complain to "Center for Klager om Arbejdsløshedsforsikring". There is an article about how you do it here (unfortunately only in danish):