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I will finish my studies next year in june 2016.And the same month that I am supposed to graduate I turn 30 years old(end of June).So which type of A-Kasser should I apply for?the Free one or the Membership one?
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as long as you have more than 6 months left of your study (and you are under 30 years) you are eligible for Free memebership.
If you are free member under your study you should begin to pay for membership when you
graduate OR when you turn 30.
You tell your turn 30 in the same month you will graduate.

If you apply for membership now (we advice you to do that..)the you should apply for free membership, then when graduate (if it is before you turn 30) you should tell the A-kasse to change your "status" from student to graduate. Remember to do that a LATEST 14 day after graduation.

If you should turn 30 before graduate, you will automatically be charged from the A-kasse when you turn 30 (if you not fullfill the conditions for free membership for people over 30 year..please see our website).

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