unemployment benefits after quitting a job

Hi, I was wondering - if i can get unemployment benefits, if i quit a job that i don't like?
I am european citizen, graduated my studies in denmark in january and received unemployment benefits based on that for a few months. Now i have started a job(in my field), that i am not really satisfied with, but wondering if i will get a support, if i leave it ?
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Yes you can get unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") also when you decide to leave job your self, i.e. not get fired.

However when you quit job your self you must accept an quarantine for 3 weeks, where you will not receive dagpenge.

So, from the date you stop work, there will be a period of 3 weeks before you will begin to collect dagpenge.

There are some few valid reasons for quitting a job, that dont result in the 3-weeks quarantine, but this does not include that "you don't like the job". We have answered another question about valid reasons that will not result in quarantine. You can find the Q&A here: See Q&A about valid reason for avoiding quarantine with dagpenge

You dont tell how long you have been in your current job, but as an recent graduate it is possible to get your dagpenge amount (in danish: "dagpengesats") recalculated after 6 months from graduating, if you have had worked at least 320 hours in the period from graduation and until you apply for dagpenge (again).

If you at the time have had a monthly salary (before tax) for at least DKK 22,503, then it will possible for you to get the highest possible amount in dagpenge, which is DKK 18,633 per month.

If you have worked at least 320 hours in your current job, you should ask the A-kasse to have your dagpenge amount recalculated. If you at the moment is close to have worked 320 hours, then you should consider to wait quitting job before you have reached the 320 hours of work.

If you dont meet the requirements for getting your amount recalculated, then you will continue receiving the same amount that you received as an graduate, before you started in the job. If you don't have dependent children this will be only 71,5% of the DKK 18,633 or DKK 13,323.

Hope this helps claify things for you. You are welcome to comment on this page.

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Anders, www.a-kasser.dk

Thanks a lot for the information!
I would like to add, that the work conditions are very bad and I am not even assigned my own desk. (work place) And have been verbally abused.

And what happens if I get fired? Do i also get penalty?
to answer this we would need to know more about your specific case...but this should be something that your A-kasse must help you with.
According to the rules, it is always your A-kasse that will assess whether your reason for termination of employment falls under the category 'valid'.
But as a guidance we can tell that in general it is difficult to have a reason for quitting job approved as an valid reason.
But this said, there are examples where conditions on workplace is so horrible, and against ordinary labor law principles, that it makes you unable to continue work. This may also include the examples you mention, but it must be a rough case of abusing before it will be accepted as a reason that make it impossible for you to continue work.
Before termination, you must contact the employer to resolve the problems encountered, i.e. have tried to solve the problems. And if you are member of an Union also, it will be a good thing to involve them. It shows it is a serious problem.

If the bad conditions and abusing have made you sick, a documentation from your doctor that the work gives you health problems, may also be sufficient reason to avoid quarantine. However in this case it is a requirement that you have tried to get another job at work before quitting job.

Hope this helps you, and I wish luck in finding a better workplace.