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I am PhD student at DTU from 2016 and will complete it in October 2019. I studied in Norway for 2 years for my master's degree, therefore in October 2019, I had resided for 5 years in EU/EEA countries in the last 7 years. So can I apply for A-kasse in this case? If yes, is it only for graduate scheme (because I only eligible after I finish the PhD in October) or can I apply for fully paid unemployment benefits? Thank you in advance.
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you don't tell us if you are a EU or a no-EU citizen, which is important when it comes to which periods with stays in other countries you can include.

Periods with stay in another nordic country can be included (regardless of you are a EU or non-EU citizen).

Periods with stay in other EU/EEA-countries can only be included if you are an EU-citizen.

As we have described on our dedicated page about the new rule: https://a-kasser.dk/requirement-of-7-years-of-stay-in-Denmark-or-eea/  ,the new rule will be phased in, so if you apply for benefits ("dagpenge") in 2019 you must have stayed in Denmark/Norway for 5 of the last 12 years.

But you will meet this requirement if you have stayed 5 years in Denmark/Norway. If you are an EU-citizen you can also include periods with stay in other EU-countries.

When the new rule comes it will apply regardless of how you have obtained your right to Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge").

So the new rule don't differ between for instance if you apply according to graduate scheme or as a normal member, who have obtained right through working and paid full membership.

A-kasse membership-type as an PhD?

Please see our answer to another Q&A regarding membership options for PhD-students.

If you have further, you are welcome to comment here.

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