Can I work temporary before applying?

I am soon to be a graduate and I will apply for A-kasse after graduation. Would it be a problem if I work temporary as a vikar until I graduate? Am i still going to be eligible for unemployment benefits if I have been working a few days before graduating?
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yes it is possible to work all that you want - at the same time as you study or not - as long as you don't receive Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge").

The completion of your education will give you right to receive dagpenge according to the graduate rule. According to the graduate rule, it dosen't matter if you have worked during studies or not.

But you must be aware that to avoid the 3 weeks quarantine for selfinflicted unemployment, it is very important that you have termintaed your temporary job, and in fact have stopped working before you graduate.

Otherwise you must accept a quarantine of 3 weeks, before you can start receiving dagpenge. This is called self-inflicted unemployment (in danish: "selvforskyldt ledig"). You can read more about self-inflicted unemployment in this Q&A:

If you want to keep your part-time job after graduation, it will be a option for you to receive supplementary unemployment benefits (in danish: "supplerende dagpenge"). You can read more about supplementary benefits in this Q&A:

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