Continue education after receving dagpenge?

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So let's say I finish my Bachelors degree, go on A-kasse, don't find a job after a long time, and then decide I will start a Masters degree. Is this scenario possible? What would happen then when I finish my Masters, could I still be entitled to A-kasse?

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it will be possible to be entitled for Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") once again after finishing the Master degree.

However only if the master degree it self meets the requirements for the education, according to our guide for graduates.

Among other things, this means the master degree must be a public recognized education, it must be of a duration of at least 18 months, and you must have stayed in Denmark (at least) before and again after the master study.

So you could in this way say, that every time you complete an education that meet the above mentioned requirements, you earn right to have two years with "dagpenge". So an education can in this sense be compared to having meet the "income requirement" for normal paid employees member of an A-kasse applying for dagpenge.

As well as employees can earn new right to 2-year period with dagpenge, so can students earn new right to 2-year period with dagpenge, by completing education.

Off course you will not be able to get dagpenge during your Master study.

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