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I just graduated and currently, I am unemployed and receive unemployment benefits. In September, I start a part-time job, for 6 months, and I will not take supplementary benefits. After the part-time job is done, am I allowed to continue taking unemployment benefits, or I have to work new 1924 hours before that?
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from the date you started to receive unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") you have the right to receive dagpenge for 2 years within a 3-year period. Yes you can continue to receive your benefits after the 6 months part-time job. Actually it can be a advantage in several ways (in regarding to dagpenge) that you have this part-time job:

1. By working your total period where you can receive benefits will be longer than 2 years/3.848 hours in two ways:

  • In the hours where you receive pay from your employer, you do not spend of the 3.848 hours, why the hours are added at the other end.
  • The hours you work can be used to extend your current right to benefits. Every hour you work can be exchanged into 2 hours of benefits

2. I assume you are now receiving dagpenge as a graduate. As a graduate you can get your dagpenge amount recalculated after 6 months. If you have been working for at least 3 months/320 hours, you can in this way get a higher amount in dagpenge - but only after the 6 months period has ended. But in your situation this seem to be something you could take advantage of.

If you have at least 3 months/320 hours then your dagpenge amount will be calculated on basis of your income in this period with part-time job. If you have a monthly income (before tax) for at least DKK 22,503 (2018), then you can get the higest dagpenge amount (in danish called: "dagpengesats"). The calculation will be 90% of your income before tax, but a maximum of DKK 18,633.

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