1 year consecutively membership required to be able to claim dagpenge?

I am wondering if the A-kasse member should be a member for minimum 1 year consecutively without a break AND have worked with salary for minimum 1 year at the same time to receive Unemployment benefit?
Could it be that as a member for less than 1 year (like currently have been a member for 11 months consecutively, but was a member before in the last 5 years for 2 years then had a pause after that before being a member again) who have worked for minimum 1 year also receive Unemployment benefit? Thanks
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the two requirements you are pointing at says that:

  1. You must have been member for at least the last year up to the date you apply for unemployment benefits ("dagpenge"). So its not possible to put together several membership periods so they in total gives at least 1 year. If you sign out of an A-kasse you will loose the membership periods. However you will still be able to use your working hours/periods if you have some from previous membership periods (within 3 years back in time), also if you have been signed out. See next paragraph about this working/income requirement.
  2. AND you must have worked for 1 year. Actually the requirement says that you must have earned at least DKK 228,348 (in 2018) during the last 3 years (in total). Here it is possible to use all income earned during membership periods - also from previous membership periods in an A-kasse in where you are maybe not member anymore.

Hope this will help clarify things a bit for you.

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