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Is there someone I can speak to in English about getting unemployment insurance?  I'm an American academic in DK and would like to purchase it.


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if you already have finished you study, you should apply for membership as an employee.
(I assume you have work)
Because you are an academic I will advice you to choose an A-kasse (Unemployment fund) targeted academics.
As a guideline you can use our guide for students because its the same A-kasser that focus on academics.
Find them here:
At the page we mention 5 A-kasser and the degree courses/academics they are associated with.
You can also try the drop-down on same page, but only if you know what your education is called in danish.

If you dont care about haeing an a-kasse targeted academics you could also just apply for the cheapest A-kasse.
Its called FTF A-kasse. You find link on our page.  You have exactly the same rights about unemployment benefits, no matter what a-kasse you choose.

If you have not finished study you can apply for FREE membership.

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