How long before starting my studies should I've resided in Denmark to qualify for receiving A-kasse?

I have tried to register to MA A-kasse, and my request was rejected because, for what I understood, I should've been living in Denmark at the time of my enrollment.

I have later tried to sign up for Akademikernes A-kasse, but I am pretty sure I will have the same problem since I was asked the following question:
'Did you live in Denmark at least the day before enrolling in your education?'

To clarify my situation, I am an EU citizen, I came to Denmark in August 2016, started my education in September 2016, and I am about to my studies in late August/start of September of the current year.

I am planning to contract the two A-kasse I tried to sign up for, but it would be great to have a general clarification to my doubts in the meantime.

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Hi Silvia,

the question about having address in Denmark no later than the day before starting education in Denmark, is very relevant and there is no exceptions in the rules on this topic.

So I think there must be some problems regarding your proof (or lack of proof) of having been living in Denmark at latest the day before starting education - or maybe you was not in Denmark from the official start of the education.

You tell us that "you started your education in september 2016" - however if you started later than the "official start date", because you was not yet in Denmark at that point, then you have not meet the requirement.

What the official start date of your education is, is something you must ask the study office ("studiekontor") at your education about.

If your problem is how you can prove that you were in Denmark, then a tenant agreement will be sufficient.

Please comment if you need further assistance.

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Hi Anders,

Thank you for your answer.

My doubt was related to the fact that I was not sure if it was the date of enrollment (that for me is the confirmation that I was accepted from the University, or something similar) or the date I actually started the studies.

Could you confirm that it is the second one?

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it is the second one - the day that the study started - that is relevant.

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