Can i transfer my period of residency period from Norway to Denmark

I'm non EU citizen working in norway up to now for one and half year and i have ID number and temporary residence which will expired on Novemver 2019.
My employer have a financial problem (Bankruptcy protection ) and they dismiss all the employee even me, and now i have a job offer in Denmark for 1 year
My Question now , Will I lose the period I spent in Norway, which is almost half of the period specified by the Immigration Department which is three years to get the permanent residence? or i can transfer this period to
IF not will i lose the temporary residence in Norway if i come to work in Denmark ?

thank you
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your question is about a topic that we are not able to help you with.

Our site is about unemployment insurance in Denmark, and we don't know enough about the legislation about residence permit to help you in a professional way.

However, we will recommend you to visit this website from The Danish Immigration Service:

This is the official portal for foreign nationals who wish to visit, live or work in Denmark.

If you have been paying to Unemployment insurance in Norway, and have questions about transfering earned rights in relation to Unemployment Insurance from Norway to Denmark, we would be happy to help you.

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