3 questions about a-kasse for graduates

a) I graduate in June, but I also applied for a master degree. I am not sure I want to follow the master if I don't find it fitting for me. If I drop out from the master degree can I get unemployment support based on my finished bachelor degree?
b) does one have to pay A-Kasse fee while receiving dagpenge?
c) what happens if let's say you are receiving dagpenge and you get a job. but then you get fired after a few months. can you still get unemployment support? thank you.
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here are some answers to your questions:

a) Yes, you can get unemployment support based on your finished bachelor degree. However only if you remember to have your status in the A-kasse registered as "graduate" (in danish: "dimittend"). You must do this at latest 2 weeks after you finishing your bachelor degree.

You have up to 2 years after graduation to apply for unemployment benefits. So if you drop out of the master within 2 years, then you will still have the right to receive Unemployment benefits based on your bachelor degree.

You do not tell us if you already are a student member of an A-kasse (this is free). If you in this way been member for at least 1 year before graduation, then you can avoid the 1 month quarantine with Unemployment benefit ("dagpenge").

If thats not the case, then you must accept 1 month quarantine with dagpenge.

b) yes you must pay the membership fee also in the period where your receive Unemployment benefits. However it is possible also in an unemployment period to change to another A-kasse, so you can always choose the cheapest A-kasse.

c) When you start to receive dagpenge, the you will be granted a 2 year period (3.848 hours) with dagpenge (called "dagpengeperiode"), that must be used within a 3 year period (called "referenceperiode").

So if you get a job for some time, and you get fired from that job, then you will continue in the 2-year period where you left (from where in the period you stopped receive dagpenge), and you will then have the right to dagpenge for the rest of the 2 year-period. But it must still be before the 3 year period expires.

Any job you have within the 2 year period, can be used to extend the 2 year period in two ways:

  1. You only use of the 3.848 hours for the hours you are actually get paid dagpenge. So hours you have worked will mean that the period in the other end will be extended with the working hours (hours where you have not received dagpenge).
  2. Additionally the rules states that 1 working hour will give 2 more hours (1:2) with benefit in the last end.

Hope this will clarify things for you.

Otherwise, please comment on this post.

best regards,

Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk