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Hi, my address when I will finish education will be more than 2h drive to Copenhagen is that ok?
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We need to know more before we can give you an answer.

2 hours drive from Copenhagen is ok, in relation to what?

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Hi, what I meant if there are some requirements regarding the distance (or time how much hours it takes to reach the cities) to the big cities from the address which I would use to proof that I am living in Denmark ? I am asking because my address will be in rural area..thanks
there is no requirement regarding the distance from educational institution to your home, BUT the A-kasse will make an assesment in every case, and decide if they think you have been really living in Denmark. However I will think that 2 hours of transport is what you can call within the normal.
Many danes travel long for studies and work.
But be aware that the A-kasse can demand some extra proof from you, if they think it is only a proforma address.

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