Rule Change 2019 - studies in a non-EU country?

I studied in South Africa for my Bachelor degree from 2010 until 2013. In 2014 I was not studying or working. From 2015 to present I have been living and working in Denmark. I have British citizenship and would like to know my eligibility in this situation.
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Years with studies outside DK/EEA does not have negative effect, but only if you were staying in Denmark immediately before the education was begun.

So in your case where you did not recide in Denmark prior to your studies outside DK/EEA (in South Africa), the years with study can NOT be counted as if you have stayed in DK/EEA in these years.

You don't tell us where you stayed in 2014 and until you moved to Denmark. If you were reciding in EU/EEA in 2014 It is not important if you were working or studying, the only that is important in conjunction with the new requirement is where you have stayed (you dont need to have been doing anything). I.e also periods with unemployment can be included, as long as you have stayed in EU/EEA.

If you were staying in another EU/EEA country in this period 2014-2015, then this period can be included to meet the new requirement:

Finally, if you stayed in UK or another EU-country prior to your studies in South Africa, then these years can be included, but only from 2007 onwards (because the new residence requirement goes back 12 years).

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Hi Anders

Its a tricky situation. In my case I lived in England prior to studying in South Africa and the UK was a definite member of the EU then. How does that work out? As far as I can tell it makes the my situation ok?

for being eligible for unemployment benefits in 2019 you must have stayed in Denmark or another EU/EEA country for 5 out of the last 12 years.
(the requirement will be 6/12 in 2020 and 7/12 from 2021).
So if we talk about 2019, you must be able to count 5 years beginning from 2007. Your years with study in South Africa (2011-2013) can't be used to meet the residence requirement.
But the years in England before you started study in South Africa, can be used from 2007-2011.

As an UK-citizen in Denmark you will be able to count your years in UK as they were in another EU-country regardless of there will be a no-deal Brexit, or UK will leave with an agreement. This is something that the danish government has decided, and a new law that secures theses rights for UK-citizens in Denmark (and danish citizens staying in UK) will come into force after Brexit.We have an article about the rights regarding A-kasse after Brexit (only in danish):

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