The 7 years requirement from 01.01.2019 for being eligible for Dagpenge?

I am an EU-citizen, and have been working in Denmark for about 1 year now.
I have read in the news recently that rules will change.
It will be required 7 years of work for foreings. If I join today i will be affected by new rules?
Have you heard about that?
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the new law says, that to qualify for benefits in Denmark you must have been living/staying in Denmark OR another EU/EAA country for 7 ouf of the last 12 years. The proposal dont say that you must have WORKED here 7 years.

About the other part of your question: Will I be affected by the new rules, if I join A-kasse now?

Yes, regardless of when you have joined an A-kasse, you will be affected. Everyone who applies for Dagpenge (Unemployment benefits) after January 01, 2019, must meet this new requirement.

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That is the trick part for me. I was living in Brazil for the last years.
The new law states that it will be phased in over a 3-year period, so the requirement will be as follows:

- in 2019 the requirement is five out of the last twelve years
- in 2020 the requirement is six out of the last twelve years
- in 2021 the requirement is seven out of the last twelve years

The requirement must be meet at the time you apply for Unemployment benefits ("Dagpenge").

So in your case, the 3 years stay in Brazil may not be a problem, if you get unemployed in 2019, if you have stayed in Denmark/EU in at least 5 out of the last 12 years. And you should also be able to meet the requirement in 2020 (6/12 years) and 2021 (7/12 years).
Assuming off course that you have stayed in a EU-country before your 3-year stay in Brazil.

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ok. Thanks for your help. have a nice day.