I am EU working in DK, Can I join A-kasse?

I am EU working in DK
Can I join A-kasse?
If I was member of an Unemployment Insurance in my home country (EU), will I be able to transfer my rights to the danish A-kasse?
I have moved to DK last year
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Ok, yes for sure you can join an A-kasse. The main rule says that you should be Insured againt unemployment in the country where you work, regardless of what country you are a citizen in.

As an EU-citizen you are free to stay and work full time in Denmark. Therefore it it also relevant to consider membership of an A-kasse.

Possible to transfer earned rights from other EU/EEA countries?

There are some reguirements that you must meet for being able to transfer rights from a Unemployment Insurance Scheme in another EU/EEA to Denmark:

  1. you must apply for membership of an danish A-kasse within 8 weeks after you ceased to be insured in another EU country
  2. if you have not been member of a danish A-kasse within the last 5 years - you must within the 8 weeks begin work in Denmark of at least 296 hours over 12 weeks / 3 months.

As we read your question you moved to Denmark last year. So it may be too late for you to transfer your rights. However if you are still contributing to Unemployment Insurance in your home country, we recommend you to ask the danish A-kasse about possibilty to transfer earned rights.

You can read more about transfering rights between EU/EEA countries and the requirements for doing it here:


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