Do I have the possibility of entering a-kasse benefits ?

I am a resident in Denmark since 01.02.2017, I am both a student and a worker, my studies began at the same date when I came here, and my work began on 20.02.2017 (my a kasse membership is also from 27.02.17). Now, I am on forced sick leave by decision from my doctor through a medical diagnosis that involves arbejdsynet and arbejdserhverforsikring (a pretty tough document for a company to swallow, considering this is sickness due to working conditions and procedures) and I fear I might need to enter a kasse after the sick leave payment period, around 30 working days from my employer and possibly more with evaluation from the doctor resulting the payment from the municipality. Since I came to denmark, I had a rough income of  ca. 250.000 dkk. But as I read the new conditions for entrance on a kasse, I do not meet the condition of 12 months with more than 19.029 dkk, only 9 months of my working time meet that requirement (basically last year from february to may I had way less) so, my question is, in this situation what will happen, the other months will compensate for the months with less income or am I not entitled for unemployment and if so, what can my alternatives be (kontanthjaelp ?) ?
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to be eligible for Unemployment benefits ("Dagpenge") the 2 main requirements are:

  1. You must have been of an A-kasse for at least 1 year (you meet this requirement).
  2. You must have earned at least DKK DKK 228,348 during the last 3 years.

However about the second requirement - have earned DKK 228,348 - you must be aware that only income obtained during membership periods of an A-kasse can be included.

And regardless of what your monthly income is, you can only count a maximum of DKK 19,029 per month.

This means that regardless of how high salary you have, you always need to have been working for at least 1 year for being eligible for Unemployment benefits ("Dagpenge"). 12x19,029=228,348.

It is not correct - as you say - that you must have 12 months with income more than DKK 19,029. The DKK 19,029 is the maximum you can include in the calculation of DKK 228,348 every month.

If you earn less than DKK 19,029 in some months it means that it will take longer time for you to qualify for Unemployment benefits. Because it will take more than 12 months to reach the income requirement of DKK 228,348.

So in your case the problem seem not to be your income. You have earned more than DKK 228,348 during the last 3 years, also when you count a maximum of DKK 19,029 per month.

But your problem may be that only income obtained during periods where you have been member of an A-kasse can be counted.

So to qualify for Dagpenge, you must have earned DKK 228,348 since your membership started (27.02.2017).

Your are welcome to comment on this, if it is not yet clear..

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I understand now, does income from the state's student fund also count as qualifiable income, the SU ? And also sickness pay for instance, in my situation 30 working days paid by the employer ?
income from SU does not count as qualifiable income. Sickness pay paid by your employer will be counted as qualifiable income.

If you complete an education of a duration of at least 18 months then you have another option for qualify for Unemployment benefits (" Dagpenge"). According to the graduate rule, you do not need to have earned any income to qualify for Dagpenge, as a graduate. You can read more about the graduate rule here:
If you have been member of an A-kasse - its free for students - for 1 year before you graduate, then you can get Dagpenge from day 1 after graduation. Otherwise you will get 1 month of quarantine.

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