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Which are my duties as unemployment beneficiary? Do I need to assist somewhere regularly? Am I forced to accept a job even if it is far of my place or it is not strictly related with my field?
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when receiving unemployment benefits ("Dagpenge") You must be available on the labor market. This means that you

  1. should be able to take reasonable work with 1 day notice (reasonable work includes all work that you can take care of)
  2. are obliged to accept job offers as long as the daily transport time does not exceed over three hours by public transport
  3. are obliged to participate in internships, activation offers, or additional education that the Jobcenter ask you to. This means if you deny for instance an internship established by the Jobcenter, then you must instead accept to participate in some kind of activation that the Jobcenter arranges. It differs from town to town how quick in the unemployment period, the Jobcenter will try to activate you and also what kind (internship, activation, education).
  4. must actively seeking work. As part of this, you should try to improve your work opportunities.
  5. are obliged to attend every meeting that the Jobcenter and you A-kasse call you in for.

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