recent graduate registration as unemployed - going on holiday

I am going to graduate this June from a university in Denmark; I am a EU citizen.
I plan to register as unemployed in jobcenter as soon as possible after my graduation. I am a member of a-kasse as a student now, since last summer.
However  I intend to go on holiday/be abroad for a month after my graduation in July - so away will be way from Denmark.
I've read that If I leave for holiday I have to inform jobcenter 14 days in advance. Is this information correct?
 However, since I am not sure when exactly my graduate date will stand in June, it can be less than 14 days prior to my travel.
Does it mean I can not leave for holiday on the date I planned to?  I do not expect to get a-kasse during this time; is there something like a 'leave' (orlov) from it.
Is there any other solution to this?

Thanks, I hope my question is clear.
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first of all I will start by inform you about the requirements for using the graduate rule. As we describe in our article, one of the requirements is that you are in Denmark no later than 14 days (including weekends) after you end your education. So it is important that you register as graduate (get graduate status) in your A-kasse BEFORE you leave Denmark and go on holiday, and as you know no later than 2 weeks after graduation


it is important that you inform Jobcenter about holiday - in fact you do this by loggin in to and register your holiday here. is the online presence of Jobcenter.

And when you do that, your A-kasse will also automatically get this information.

Off course you are obliged to do this, so that you don't receive unemployment benefits when you are not available for the working force.

If you dont know the exact day your holiday starts - because you dont know when you graduate, then in first place inform the Jobcenter or your A-kasse that you will have holiday but dont know the exact days yet.

The most important is that you inform - not if it is 10 or 14 days in advance.

"Leave" from benefits (dagpenge)

In relation to "leave from benefits" - you have two options:

  1.  When you are registered with graduate status - you have up to 2 years to begin to spend of your right to unemployment benefits (dagpenge"). So by this option you only register as graduate - but don't register as unemployed.
  2.  You can register as graduate and also as unemployed. When you get your first unemployment benefit card ("Dagpengekort") from you A-kasse - this happens 1 time every month when you are registered as unemployed. Actually the "Dagpengekort" is an online formular at the A-kasse's website that you must fill out with information about if you have had work or holiday the last month. So here you can inform about your holiday. If you have been on holiday the full month (that the current dagpengekort covers) the you will receive nothing (0 DKK) in dagpenge. But if you only have been on holiday for instance in 18 days - then you will get benefits for the rest of the period in that month.

The general princip - is that you only use of your right to dagpenge (2 year period) when you actually get paid benefits. When you have holiday (or work) you will not spend of the benefit period. So this will extend the 2-year period in the last end.

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Anders Weber,

Thank you for a quick answer. Can I specify one thing - what you wrote in  "1. When you are registered with graduate status - you have up to 2 years to begin to spend of your right to unemployment benefits (dagpenge"). So by this option you only register as graduate - but don't register as unemployed."
If I understand correctly it means that I can register as graduate at jobcenter, and register as unemployed anytime during 2 years after. Will I still be on a-kasse conditions for recent graduates then?
So in my case, for examle I could register as graduate in June 2018 in 14 days after graduation date, and then register as unemployed later (after 1- 2 months) and start receiving dagpenge then?
Thanks so much.
you must register as graduate in your A-kasse (not at Jobcenter). You only need to register in Jobcenter ( when you want to receive benefits ("dagpenge") as unemployed. As long as you don't want to receive dagpenge, the only thing that is important is that you get registered with graduate status in your A-kasse.

And yes, then you can register as unemployed (at anytime during the next two years and still get dagpenge according to the graduate rule.
So you could do as you describe, and then start receiving dagpenge 1-2 months after register with graduate status.