Unemployment benefits in other EEU countries (3 months)

I have recieved documentation about searching for job outside Denmark for 3 months. According to the documents i have 7 days to register to at the jobcenter (in my case Ireland). I also have in my document a date when it should be the latests for registration.
Since there is a long wait for the appointment at the local jobcenter in Ireland, and I also have to make appointment face to face (meaning the first day i come there), what does registration actually means? Does it include my effort to make an appointment since the first day i came there or it only includes when the meeting is over and they have proccessed papers??? Because it dosent have much sense to put a 7 day rule if there is a situation where i am not able to register as unemployed person in that period, at any cost... I lose my benefits until the day i am registered, which is not fair if the situation is like this.

Thank you
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you need to find out what is the official procedure for register as unemployed in Ireland, and where the addresses for the Irish employment services - or what they are called in ireland, are.

Like in Denmark - I assume that what is important is that the employment service office have registered that you have contactet them, submitted your U2 form to them, and told them that you are unemployed. I am not sure if this is done automatically by your A-kasse, so that the authorities in Ireland already can see your U2 document in their computers (online portal). But you could ask your A-kasse about this also.

In Denmark all these things can be done online - I am not sure in Ireland - you must check out how to do it.

We have on our site a guide about the unemployment insurance system in Ireland (however be aware it has not been updated recently)... but here you can find contact addresses in ireland etc.


The 7 days deadline must be taken serious - and I can not really understand why 7 days not will be enough for you.

As mentioned what is important is that you go to the office - I can not imagine that you need to book meeting before - but if you need to then you must do this in good time.

You need to be carefull about keeping the  7 days deadline - otherwise you could loose right to benefits.

I am not aware if its possible to do excemptions to the 7 days deadline - but maybe ask your A-kasse about that.

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Anders, www.a-kasser.dk
Dear Anders,
thank you for answering.

What i meant by 7 days that is not enough in the following situation (maybe i do not completly understand the process what includes registering):

For register in Ireland for jobseeker (i have checked) I need a personal identification number PPS. When i get the papers i have applied for that number, only then i can ask for booking a meeting to register as a jobseeker in Ireland.
Which means i will only book to register for a meeting.  

And because of that i was wondering what does those 7 days include. Do they include my attempt, in sense i have booked a meeting and everything, i have been in the office and gave my papers, just waitting for the date of the meeting, but i am not able to get a meeting in those particulary 7 days.

That is my only concern, because I will do everything first day I come there however I can not do anything in advance (for eaxmple book a meeting or make pps number) since I first have to be there.

Kind regards
I am pretty sure, that it will be enough in first place regarding the 7 day deadline, that you have booked a meeting and that you have been in the office to give them the papers.

What is important is that you do not try to hide for the employment services in Ireland - if it was in Denmark it would for sure be enough that you have booked meeting and gave them the papers.

But off course, when you come to Ireland and go to the office, then tell them that you need to be registered as unemployed within 7 days, according to the EU legislation to keep your unemployment benefits from the danish A-kasse. Then I am sure they will help you.

In other words - it is not the meeting in it self that is important - its just that the authorities know about you and that you are unemployed. Then you can not do more.

Best regards, and good luck with job search in Ireland.

thank you for answering me again. I just wanted to make sure about that, because that was my only concern. your answers give me a clear idea of the process.

Thank you once again!
Kind regards