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In March 2018 I will be a member of an A-Kasse for 1 year as a worker.  But I would like study more. Can I quit my job and studying at the University with a dagpenge in autumn? Will be it for 2 years also for me?
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it is NOT possible to receive dagpenge when you are studying at the University (or other fulltime studies).

It is only very limited types of education you can follow and at the same time receive dagpenge.

You can follow courses and education that are less than 20 hours a week, and the education must not be SU-eligible.

For instance all Unversity studies are SU-eligible, so this fact alone means that you can not receive dagpenge.

The reason for this is that to be able to receive dagpenge you must be able to take new job with 1 days notice - and you are not considered to be able to do this, when you are studying at at the University.

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