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I am A-Kasse member since April 2015 and I will be unemployed on January 2018.
Yearly income around 280,000 - 340,000 DKK after taxes.
First time as unemployed in DK.
Am I eligible for "dagpenge"?
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I assume that you are an EU-citizen or in other ways have the nessasary residence and work permit also after you will be unemployed from january 2018.

The requirements for being eligible for benefits are:

  1. You must have been member of an a-kasse for at least one year.
  2. You must have earned/have had an income of at least DKK 223,428 BEFORE TAX (in 2017) during the last 3 years (in total). In this calculation there is a maximum of DKK 18,619 BEFORE TAX for how much you can include per month. This also mean that - if your monthly salary exceeds DKK 18,619 you only need 12 months of working to meet the income requirement.

After what you tell us, It seems for me that you have no problem with meeting these two requirements.

Therefor you should be eligible for "dagpenge".

Remember to tell your A-kasse when your are unemployed, and apply for benefits. Also you must register as unemployed at To be able to receive benefits you must actively search for new jobs, and be willing to take new job with 1 days notice.

Best regards,


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