If I quit my job after I have signed up for a kasser will it affect my rights of receiving benefits?

The reason of quiting is the misunderstandings, communication problems, etc. Between me and the boss
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if termination of the job is your own fault, we call it self-inflicted unemployment (in danish: "selvforskyldt ledig"). This will give you 3 weeks quarantine before you can begin to receive Unemployment benefits.

There are several valid reasons that can result in that your A-kasse do not consider your termination of the job as your own fault.

The valid reasons can ONLY be one of the following:

  1. If you have documentation from a doctor that the work gives you health problems, or that health result in that you only with difficulty can perform the work
  2. If you have very long transport time (more than 3 hours per day)
  3. If you must take care of family members
  4. If your spouse or partner must move to another place, because he/she taking over new job
  5. If the employer significantly violate the job contract or the general terms of employment. For instance If the employer does not pay wages. The same applies if wage and employment conditions differ significantly from what has been agreed in the contract.

Personality conflicts and disagreements with the Boss are NOT valid reasons.

So I think your only chance to avoid the 3 weeks quarantine is if your employer have significantly violated the job contract or the general terms of employment - but according to what you tell us, this seems not to be the case.

Hope this helps you. You are welcome to comment this.

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Anders, www.a-kasser.dk