I am a 32 year old student in Denmark wanted to know how I can become member of an A-kasse

How i can enroll myself
in A-kasse membership by

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as a student it is free to be member of an A-kasse. But because you are over 30 years old there are some additional requirements that you have to fullfill to be able to get free membership. We recommend you to contact your A-kasse to ask if you can get free membership.

If its not possible for you to get free membership, you could as an alternative sign up for paid part time membership as long as you still are student. We have more details about this option at our website here: https://a-kasser.dk/students/ (at bottom of page).

If you have been member for at least 1 year before you graduate (free or paid membership), then you will avoid 1 months quarantine before you can start receiving unemployment benefits.

You sign up with an A-kasse by filling out an online form at the A-kasse's website. On our website we have a complete list of all A-kasser in Denmark. The list also includes links to the sign up form. Alternatively just click on the logo of the A-kasse and you will be directed to the sign up form, or in some cases to the A-kasse's frontpage from where you can choose "sign up" (in danish: "bliv medlem").

Please be aware that not all A-kasse takes everyone as members. Some A-kasser only takes members within certain professional fields, others (11 of 24 A-kasser takes all regardless of job or education). Which one you should choose, depends on your preferences. Normally we would recommend to become member of an A-kasse that covers your professional field.

If you are in doubt about which A-kasse to choose, then we will be happy to help you. Then we need information about your education and what preferences you have. Also if you only want A-kasse or A-kasse+Union.

Best regards,

Anders, www.a-kasser.dk