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I am 30 years old EU citizen, who is a recent graduate. Since I need to apply for an a-kasse membership in 14 days, I went over the basis for joining and one thing is a bit fuzzy to me. What is considered to be a start of the education? Is it the day that I got accepted to the university, the day when I was registered as a student of a real study start date? I am curious because some of the people, who were on my course and arrived here before 01.09.14 (the school start date) and had a permanent address here in Denmark, have been refused a-kasse membership (saying that counts the acceptance date), but some have been accepted with any problems.
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you must have had a permanent address in Denmark no later than one day before the start of your education.

The start of the education is the first day you must attend at the education, according to the official start date (including intro days).

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