Should I keep my part time job after graduation?

Or should I leave my part time job before graduation? I'm a student with a part time job  (80h in total - 120kr/h) . My A-Kasse said that my job just should sign a paper that I could leave any time with a one day notice, if they agree to keep me part time after graduation. But what happens if I get fired from my part time job like two months after graduation? Will I get the same amount of support as if I would have received from A-kasse since the graduation date? Can you please explain, what should I better do. What's the hourly rate from A-kasse? And since my part time job only pays 120kr, is it worth still working there 80 h or should I leave before I graduate? So I am unemployed after graduation. Thank you!
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Your options

As an graduate with study-job, you you have 2 options:

  1. You can continue your work and receive supplementary unemployment benefits. This require that you get a"frigørelsesattest" (the paper about that you can leave the job at any time with one day notice).                               With supplementary unemployment benefit you can supplement the income from your part-time work with unemployment benefit. Every month you fill out your Unemployment card, where you indicate whether you have had work and how many hours you have worked. Your A-kasse pays supplementary unemployment benefits up to 160.33 hours a month. You can only receive supplementary benefits for a period of maximum 30 weeks.
  2. You can get the normal graduate benefit rate. This require that you quit your job and in fact have stopped working before graduation. If you wait stop working till after graduation this will be regarded as self imposed unemployment and therefor give you quarantine for 1 month. Any income from job - as long as you receive unemployment benefits as an full-time insured graduate will be deducted from the benefits that is paid to you every month. You are obliged to inform about income from job on the monthly unemployment card.

Supplementary benefits

If you choose the supplementary benefit, you must be aware that after 30 weeks you dont get any more benefits, and in this case you only would have your income from your part time job.

If you get fired from your job, your A-kasse has to calculate a new benefit rate for you. The rate will be calculated on the basis of the salary for your work. The rate will always be calculated based on the 12 months within the last 24 months where your salary has been high. But your problem is that you only have a relative low income, and there is NO minimum rate. You can get 90% of your previous income. In you case you can as an alternative get the graduate benefit rate, which will be higher in your case.

If you choose this option, we strongly recommend you to talk with you a-kasse about your rights if you get fired from job.

Receive benefits as an graduate

If you choose to receive benefits on the normal conditions as an graduate you can receive benefits for up to 104 weeks (2 years). Benefit amount as an graduate depends on whether you have dependent children at home or not. If you have you get DKK 15.090,00 per month and if you dont have, you get DKK 13.158,00 per month.

When you receive unemployment benefits as an graduate you have the option - if you get job/income after graduation for at least a period of 3 months and there should be registered at least 320 hours in the income registerm - to have your benefit rate recalculated. This means that you - if you have earned minimum DKK 22.230,00 in these 3 months you can get the maximum benefit amount DKK 18.403,00 per month. After recalculation the benfit will not depend on you having children or not.

At the same time - any kind of paid work - can be used to extend the 104 weeks period with unemployment benefits or to earn a new 2-year period, after the first 2-year period is expired.

About these rules and your option we recommend you eatch this new video that we launched last week.

What to choose in your situation is a question of what you like/dislike - and especially what options you want to have in the future.

If you think it will be difficult for you to get a job - it may be good to have the part time job - in Denmark its always good to have job when you apply for another job...

Its a personal decision what to do, and we recommend you talk to your A-kasse about your specific rights in the different situations.

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Hi, thank you for the answer.
If my A-kasse will be DKK 13.158,00 per month, how do I set up my SKAT, in terms of B-kort or A-kort? Should I just call them after graduation and say that I'm on A-Kasse and then they will change the taxes for me? Or do I have to do it myself?

the normal procedure for "update" you tax payments will be to do it online by loggin to
You must change your preliminary income assessment (in danish: "forskudsopgørelse") at When you are logged in to you can change your "Forskudsopgørelse 2017". If your first unemployment benefits will be from last 2017/start 2018 you can wait till you can access "Forskudsopgørelse 2018" (this will be accessible from mid november 2017).

If this gives you trouble - you can off course call SKAT. I am not sure if they can change it for you - but they can guide you when you do it.

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