Minimum Income calculations for Unemployment Benefits

Dear Sir or Madame,

I graduated from my masters on 15.05.2016 and started working full-time on 01.06.2017.

My work contract finishes on 31.01.2018

I am a member of an A-kasser since 08.02.2016

1. So, will I be able to get my benefits according to the new rule from the 8th of February, since I will become unemployed from 1st of February? Or how does it work?

2. The rules state " obtain right to benefits if you have earned/have had an income of at least DKK 223,428 "

How does this calculation take place? I know that only my income during my time with A-kasser will be taken into account. But is it true for all the income I've had? In other words, at the moment when I become unemployed, I will have had: a salary as a student worker (x5 months) + scholarship grant (x5 months, SU for NON-EU students) + the salary for the period when I worked full-time (x8 months). If we include all of this I get the sufficient sum of 224 837 DKK. But can I include my scholarship grant in the calculation?

3. Also since I am a member from 8.02.2016, how do I extract this 8 days from my income? Or I don't have to and my whole salary for February will be taken into the calculation? :)

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first of all we want to be sure that you have read our guide for employees. On that page we explain that joining an a-kasse ONLY makes sense if your right to reside in Denmark extends beyond your job contract. We assume this in the following, also according to your previous question asked Feb 8, 2017.

So when you can (and also will) reside in Denmark also after your current job contract ends, it will be relevant to find out if you can get Unemployment benefits.

As you know there are some requirements. One of them is that you must have been member with an A-kasse for at least 1 year before applying for unemployment benefits. You tell you have been member since februar 2016, so there should be no problem.

The next requirement is the so called income-requirement ("Indkomstkravet"). And what is counted in the DKK 223,428?

Here in Denmark, all income you receive as a employee is subject to a tax called labor market contribution ("in danish: arbejdsmarkedsbidrag"). All income where you can see on the paycheck that there is deducted "arbejdsmarkedsbidrag", will be counted in the DKK 223,428. This include student work and off course your income from your current contract. But it does NOT include SU.

Another thing you must bear in mind is that there is a maximum for how much there can be counted for one month in the calculation of the DKK 223,428. This is DKK 18,619 per month for full-time insured. So even if you get good paid now, you must remember that you can only count DKK 18,619 per month. This also means that all people regardless of income have to work for at least 12 months for being eligible for Unemployment benefits. 12x18,619=223.428. 

You dont need to make the calculation your self. When/if you apply for benefits the A-kasse can see all your information about income and they will make the calculation. Only if you have had foreign income or have income from self-employment, documentation is required.

I am not sure I fully understand what you mean by the third part of the question....but if it is not answered above or if you have comments, please contact us again.

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Thank you very much for your quick answer. It was very informative. And yes, of course, I read the guide very carefully.

Naturally, I do know the rules on residing in Denmark.

However, there is one thing to ask you. Since I am not an EU student, I was not having SU as an EU citizen and under EU rules. I got a scholarship directly from a university. So, every month what I was receiving was called 'paycheck', but from the university. And judging what I can read from "A - indkomst for arbejdsmarkedsbidrag", each month it was adding to "Indeværendeår". Meaning that officially it was my income as far as I can judge. Or am I wrong?

Other thing to notice is that I had this scholarship paycheck on my A tax card. On my B card, I, however, had my student job.

Giving into consideration this information are you still positive that my scholarship is not considered to be income?

the fact that it was your income is not enough....only income from where there is deducted arbejdsmarkedsbidrag can be counted.
I think you refer to "A - indkomst FØR arbejdsmarkedsbidrag", but what is important is that in the paycheck in the calculation of how much is disbursed to you every month, there must be a line with "AM-bidrag" or "Arbejdsmarkedsbidrag" with a rate of 8% and the amount must be deducted from your brutto income for the month.

Whether the income is on your A tax card or B tax card is not crucial.

If you can confirm that there was deducted 8% in arbejdsmarkedsbidrag from your scholarship payments every month, then you can count it in the DKK 223,428. But I will be surprised if it is the case.....
Generally talking you can say that you pay arbejdsmarkedsbidrag of everything that is job-related.
But study - as long as you study - is not seen as jobrelated.

Please let us know if you can confirm that there was deducted AM-bidrag from your scholarship payments.
It can help us in answering future questions..

Best regards,