Relation between Sick leave, job termination and active A-kasse

I am a full time member of one of the A-kasse firm in Denmark since jan 2016 and I have a regular income < 20000 kr. Currently I am on sick leave until 11 Nov, but my company recently has sent me the job termination letter that says that last day of work is 20 oct 2017, in this case how can I manage my situation ? Hope you have some idea how to deal with it ? Thank you.
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the requirements for being eligible for benefits are explained here

This page has recently been updated. So if you have not already, please take a look at that page.

Among others requirements you must have had an income of at least DKK 223,428 during the last 3 years in TOTAL.

There can only be counted income from periods where you have been member of an A-kasse.

If you only have been member 1 year, then you must have had an income per month of DKK 18,619, which is also the maximum amount that can be counted per month.

You tell you have been full time member since january 2016, so you have more months to fullfill the requirement of income of DKK 223,428.

You dont exactly tell us what you montly salary is, but it seems for us that you have earned enough to fulfill the income-requirement.

If you get paid from your employer during sick leave this is also counted as income. If you get sick payments from your A-kasse you can not count this to fullfill the income requirement.

So according to the information you have provided you should be eligible for unemployment benefits, when you stop working/after last day of working.

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