Working from home while abroad (on "vacation")

I was approved to get unemployment benefits while I still work on a part-time position. I need to go abroad, but during that time I will be working for my employer ("from home"). As I understand, I need to register myself as "on vacation" whenever I am not in Denmark and for this time, I don't get paid the benefit. My question then is...

Will these working hours during the time I'm abroad (and thus, "on vacation" yet working) be deducted from the unemployment benefit hours?
Or they do not count as I am "on vacation" and do not get any benefits for that time?

I am an EU citizen and I will be in EU during this "vacation", just not in Denmark.
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the hours will NOT count. These periods with "vacation" therefore will extend the period in which you can get Unemployment benefits.

In other words, you only use benefits hours that are disbursed to you.

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