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It would have been a year last month since i am a member, but health problems and there also financial difficulties in family  arised and couldnt pay for membership. So is it possible to connect those months to continue membership? Havent paid for last 4 months but would like to pay it this month for debt. Or do i have to start overbagain?
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If you have been unsubscribed from the A-kasse, you need to start over again to get the 1-year membership period.

Up to the day you apply for unemployment benefits you must have been a continuous member for at least 1 year.

It is different concerning you work, in the aspect of fullfill the requirement of a certain income during the last 3 years before you can have unemployment benefits.

Here all work/income DURING MEMBERSHIP PERIODS count, meaning also work during the membership period before unsubscribing, as long as it is within 3 years back in time, the day you apply for benefits.

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