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Hi, I have been a student member in FTFa a-kasse since summer 2014. A few week ago I have graduated. On the next day after my last exam (27.06) I have notified FTFa that my education is finished and I would like to receive unemployment benefit from the first unemployment date (01.07). However, after all the documents were approved I have received an email from FTFa stating that I am not eligible for unemployment benefit in July since the education was less than 18 month (according to their data it lasted 17 month). My education was split into two parts: AP Degree (Datamatiker) 5 semester program (from 24.08.2013 to 29.01.2016) and Bachelor degree (Pba. softwareudvikling) 3 semester program (from 01.02.2016 to 27.06.2017). I was automatically transferred/admitted to bachelor degree after AP degree program was finished. Bachelor degree program is also considered as a top-up for AP. FTFa also said that I might only receive a-kasse from August since they are going to count only my very last education program and they do not care that in fact I continuously spent 4 years in the university. In addition, I also have read somewhere that the education might be whether at least 18 month or 3 semesters. Thus, even not taking into account my previous education and the fact that I was a FTFa student member for 3 years, I still have been studying 3 full semesters. Could you help me resolving this problem? Thank you in advance!

PS. I am a citizen of EU country and I do not have any children.

I found this text on your website:

"Opfyldelse af beskæftigelseskravet på baggrund af uddannelse, jf . lovens § 53, stk. 3, nr. 2, er som udgangspunkt betinget af et samlet uddannelsesforløb, der er normeret til mindst 18 måneder eller 3 halvårlige semestre, jf. lovens § 54.
Uddannelsens længde som fuldtidsstudium skal lægges til grund ved bedømmelsen.

Flere selvstændige uddannelser, hvor hver enkelt uddannelse er normeret til at vare mindre end 18 måneder eller 3 halvårlige semestre, kan ikke blive sammenstykket og kan derfor ikke medføre dagpengeret.

En uddannelse betragtes som samlet, når
1. der er tidsmæssig sammenhæng mellem de forskellige dele af uddannelsen,
2. der er en fagmæssig sammenhæng, og
3. den første del af uddannelsen er en nødvendig forudsætning for den næste del af uddannelsen."

Looks like both educational programs (Datamatiker and Pba. softwareudvikling) meet all listed criteria since there are a common professional context, subject from one program are linked to another as well as 1st education is a prerequisite for the Pba program (which is also stated in my diploma). However, FTFa representatives still insist that I am not eligible for July dagpenge since education lasted only 17 month. How can I draw FTFa's attention on § 53, stk. 3, nr. 2 and § 54?
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If we assume that the 2 "parts" should be regarded as individual educations, then it is correct that you can not start receiving unemployment benefits before 18 months after starting last education. This is also the case, even if you have graduated 27.06.

This has been clarified in recently updated legislation in this area.

But I understand that you off course would like to have the two parts being regarded as one full education, and by this way dont need to "wait for the 18 months to go", before you can get Unemployment benefits.

To be able to answer this in a proper way, I should know more about the two programs you have completed.

But I have tried to find information on the internet about the AP degree: An AP Degree is comparable to the first two years of a 3-year Bachelor Degree. Because of this, AP Degree Programmes also qualify graduates for further studies at universities or business schools in Denmark or abroad.

So, what I found out is that the AP Degree qualify for further studies.

I'm not sure that this is what is meant in the above excerpts from our website:

"den første del af uddannelsen er en nødvendig forudsætning for den næste del af uddannelsen".

And it is not possible for me to say if the subject from the one program are linked to the other. I can see that is is within the IT-field, but I am not sure that it is what we would normally perceive as a professional context.

I if was you, I off course would try to draw FTFa's attention on § 53, stk. 3, nr. 2 and § 54, and argue that your two programs whould be considered as 1 education.

I am not sure I can help you more on this topic, because this is out of the scope of our competencies and the objective with our website.

Another solution:

What you could have done to avoid the "problem" you are now facing, would be to have yourself registered as a graduate in your A-kasse after you had finished the AP Degree. Within two years after you are enrolled as a graduate, you can apply for Unemployment benefits. So in you case this could have been a solution if you have been guided when you finished you AP Degree.

Your are welcome to comment and we would try to help further if needed.

Best regards,

Anders, www.a-kasser.dk

Thank you for your answer.

I will try sending my diplomas to FTFa and argue that both programs should be considered as one education.

Regarding the second solution, I have been registered as a graduate in 2016 after finishing my first program. Then I was guided by FTFa to register a new education in order to continue my free membership. Am I still eligible for receiving unemployment benefit regardless my second educational program on the basis of the first one? Moreover, will I receive this benefit for the whole unemployment period (should be around 01.07.17 to 01.08.17) or from the inquiry date?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you in advance.
Ok, I understand now that there has been some kind of guidance from your A-kasse. If you have been guided and told the consequenses of continuing with free membership instead of paying for membership and get the graduate rights ("dimittendrettigheder") then I think you can not say afterwards that its your A-kasse's fault.
I don't know what the A-kasse has told you when they guided you after you finished AP Degree,
but they should have told you that it could be a problem to register a new education, since there could be doubt about if the new education could qualify for Unemployment benefits from day 1 after the education.

Actually before the recently update in the legislation in this area, you could not get Unemplyment benefits at all, if the education took less than 18 months to complete.

Now, you can get benefits even if the education take less than 18 months, but the the program must be rated at 18 month, and when you finish before you must wait to get benefits until 18 months from start of education.

Your status now:
No, you are not eligible for receiving unemployment benefit based on the first education, because you have "choosed" not to pay for dimittendrettigheder (graduate rights). To keep graduate rights after finishing education you must pay the membership fee.

You could try to argue that both programs should be considered as 1 education. As mentioned before I am not able to tell if this is possible.
Normally, I regard FTF-A as a competent A-kasse that treats their members according to the law.
So if they tell you that the two programs can not be considered as 1 education, then I think you need to accept that you can not get benefits for july.

Best regards,
Anders, www.a-kasser.dk