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I have a question regarding the rights to benefits in the situation when having an offer for trial period abroad. So, I am now into interviews for a job abroad (in other EU country) and most of the companies have trial period of 3 to 6 months. Is it possible to "stop" the benefits for that period and  when the contract will not be prolonged being able to come back to Denmark and receive the benefits again? I didn get the job yet, dont know if I will get any, but just wanted to know if I can be secured in any way when loosing the job.
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thanks for your question. I know that we have received another question from you before, but to be able to answer your new question, I think we need some more information. So can you please answer this:

  1. Are you an EU-citizen? If not do you have VISA to stay and work full-time in Denmark?
  2. Are you a member of an A-kasse now? If yes, for how long have you been member?
  3. You ask if its possible to "stop" unemployment benefits for the period when you are on a trial period. Does this mean that you receive Unemployment benefits now?
  4. If you can answer yes to question no. 3, on what basis do you receive benefits. As an graduate or on basis on the normal rules for employees. And for how long have you received benefits?

Lets us know this before we answer your question.



1. I m an EU citizen
2. I am a member of a kasse from march 2015
3. Yes, I am now receiving unemployment benefits as graduate for 6 months already.
if you get a job it is of no relevance if there is a trial period or not. Also in Denmark it is normal to have trial period of 3 months.

And it is of no relevance of the job is in Denmark or not. But for job in another country you need to be sure you have documentation for the time being employed and also your income for the period.

And, in fact it will be good for you to take a job no matter if you will not not be able to continue after the 3-6 months trial period.

Because when you are on the "graduate" rate for unemployment benefits, there is a rule saying that after 6 months you can get a new (higher) calculation of you benefits rate, IF you have been working for at least 3 months. This means that you must have been working for 320 hours - this equals 24,67 hours pr. week.

So to answer you question:
Yes your unemployment benefits will stop when you start a job. And if you can't continue job after trial period, you just contact the A-kasse again.
And in your case it is important that you tell that you has received benefits as a graduate, and now (after at least 3 months of work, e.g. trial period) want a new calculation of your benefits.

Another thing: you must continue to pay to A-kasse during your trial period. Ask your A-kasse if you can continue to stay member with them, or you have to be member in the unemployment scheme in the country where you will be working.
It is important that you are member - but not important in what country.
When you come back to Denmark, you will always be able to transfer your earned rights regarding Unemployment benefits to Denmark, as long as it is within EU/EEA countries

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Dear Anders,

thank you for clarifying this for me.  So if I will go to akasse they should say the same, that I have the right to reapply and receive benefits in case getting a job and then not being able to continue after the trial period?

And wouldn't it be 3 or 6 month too less to receive the benefits again? And should I keep my address in Denmark?

since you started by receiving Unemployment benefits you had a 2-year period where you can receive benefits. With possibility to prolonge up to 3 years if you work during the 2 year period.

The period you work, lets say 3 months, will not be deducted from the total period that you have the right to receive benefits. On the contrary 1 month of work give you 2 months more benefits in the last end (prolongation up to three years).

So if you must stop work after the trial period you just start in the unemployment system again from where you left. And you will be able to require to get a new (and higher) calculation of your benefits, based on at least 3 months work conducted within EU.

You do not need to keep you address in Denmark, but when you work in another EU-country you must switch to the unemployment insurance in the country in which you will be working. We will recommend you to ask your A-kasse about this to be sure, but what we can read tell us that you must change membership to A-kasse in the country where you work.

But if you move back to Denmark you can continue again in the Danish A-kasse, and all of your rights will be transfered from the other EU-country.
Remember to be sure to get documentation (PD U1, paychecks etc.) about work, A-kasse membership from abroad.

Best regards,