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I would like to know what kind of rights to I have to an unemployment benefits if I am 31-year-old student from an EU country with the international relations-law background. My study program consists of 4 semesters: 1-2 (general subjects), 3 (internship), 4 (thesis writing). I should have graduated on the current spring semester, but since I fell ill I got my thesis hand in deadline extended until fall. And if I have understood right, the graduation date should be the date I get my grade for the thesis? PS! I have not chosen my a-kasse yet, but I am probably picking between either MA or min a-kasse.
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you tell you "are from an EU Country". We assume this means you have citizenship from another EU country.

As an EU-citizen this means you can take advantage of the princip of "free movement of labour".

This also applies if you complete an education in Denmark, with a duration of at least 18 months/3 semestre.

As mentioned in our article for graduates this means that you must have permanent address in Denmark before you start education and also at latest 14 days after finish education.

Is has no effect that your deadline has been extended.

If you finish with a thesis that you do not have to defend orally, you can be admitted to the A-kasse the following day after the supervisor and censor (s) have signed a pre-approval.

It seems that you have not been (free) member of an A-kasse as a student. This means that you must accept a quarantine of 1 month before you can get Unemployment benefits.

But you can sign up now with an A-kasse. Up to 6 months before you finish eduaction, the A-kasse can give you the status "graduate" (dimittend in Danish). And membership will be free until your graduation.

What A-kasse should you choose?

"Min A-kasse" has a reputation of having very few complaints from its members. Its also cheap. Two things that we think is important when choosing A-kasse.

On the other hand Min A-kasse do not offer the same offers to its members, in relation to events, networking, meeting employers etc.

So it depends on what you think is important for you.

Both are good choices, and we can recommend both.

Best regards,

Anders, www.a-kasser.dk

Hi again,
a quick specification: what is meant by a pre-approval? Is this the date I handed in my thesis (01.07)?  I am thinking so on the basis of the form I found now online on the page: https://ma-kasse.dk/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Forhaandsgodkendelse4.pdf.

If that´s true, then I have been horribly misguided. I talked with a representative from min a-kasse in mid-June, when I was trying to figure out my options, and she told me that even if there is no thesis defense, what counts is the date, when the grade is published.

Thus my second question: have I understood it completely wrong or can I still join a-kasse in 14 days from the publication of my thesis grade on 31.07? Since I am over 30 years old, I can´t use it as a student before that.

the pre-approval means that your supervisor ("vejleder") and censor by signing an attest declare that you will obtain a pass grade for the thesis you have handed in. You don't know the final grade yet, but you (and the A-kasse) know with the attest that you will finish the education.
When we talk about a thesis that do not need to be defended orally, pre-appoval is enough in relation to the A-kasse - so if "Min A-kasse" has told you that the grade must be published this is not correct.

With the pre-approval attest you can sign up with the A-kasse and get the graduate status (dimittend rettigheder).  

Even if you have not been member of an A-kasse as a student, you can still be member up til 14 days after finish education. If you don't have the pre-approval, then it will be from the date when you know your last grade (the publication date of your thesis grade).
But there is no reason for waiting to sign up with A-kasse. If you do it before your graduation the membership will be free until graduation. If you become member before graduation the only thing you must remember is to call/contact your A-kasse after graduation and have your status changed to "graduate" ("dimittend"). And again - this must be done no later than 14 days after publication of the last grade.

Hope this helping to clarify things for you. Otherwise please post a comment.

Best regards,
Anders, www.a-kasser.dk