What benefits is possible for a non-eu citizen over 30 years old?

Hello, I would like to know what is my right to unemployment benefits and how I should proceed, what a-kasse  should I choose if my  master study program called Agricultural economics? I am  graduating in August 2017 from University of Copenhagen.  I am from Belarus(non-eu citizen),  31 years  old, with residence card  issued under EU-rules allowing to work  full-time in Denmark, in addition I am married to a Danish citizen  and we have a 2 years daughter. Please let me know how I can attach the documents or if I need to provide more detailed information. Kind regards, Katsiaryna Jorgensen
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I assume that you study on full-time, or in other words that you ask about if its possible for you to get Unemployment benefits after the special rule for graduates.

You tell you have residence permit to WORK full time. So you dont have a residence permit only allowing you to study in Denmark?

Regarding your rights to receive benefits in case of unemployment is is very important what your residence card says about your right to WORK in Denmark

A student visa only give you right to study. Furthermore it allows you to work 20 hours a week (fulltime in the summer months).

For non-EU citizens with only a student residence permit it is of no relevance to talk about getting unemployment benefits.

If your residence permit give you right to stay and work fulltime in Denmark, also after you have graduated, you will be entitled to Unemployment benefits like danish citizens.

This means that if you have completed an education of a duration of at least 18 months, and you had a address in Denmark at latest the day before starting study and again no later than 14 days after graduating you will be entitled to benefits according to the graduate rule/rate.

On the other hand if you have been working and have earned salary you can get benefits after the rules tha apply for salaried persons.

As long as you have the right residence card your age of 31 will be of no relevance.

Maybe you have been reading about free student membership of an A-kasse. In this case it is correct that the age of below/over 30 years is relevant, but not for graduates.

Remember the 14 day deadline

You should be aware that you if you have NOT been member of an A-kasse for at least one years before ending study, you must accept an quarantine for 1 months before you can receive benefits.

And if you not already are member of an A-kasse you can apply now, and should tell the A-kasse to be member with graduate status.

It is very important that you become member of an A-kasse no later than 14 days after graduating.

About choice of A-kasse:

You ask about what A-kasse we can recommend with your education within Agricultural economics. You will graduate with a master from the University, so we will recommend you to apply for membership in one of the A-kasser targeted people with higher education.

And in the area of agricultural we think that MA A-kasse would be a good choice for you. With membership in MA A-kasse you will also could take advantages of the networking, events etc. that this A-kasse offers for free for its members. 

Hope this helps you. You are welcome to post a comment.

Best regards,

Anders, www.a-kasser.dk

Thank you for your early reply and precise explanation.