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I have a rather quick question. I am considering taking my unemployment benefits to another EU country to also search for jobs abroad. I read and I am aware of the circumstances that I need to be eligible for unemployment benefits and need to have spend at least 4 weeks in Denmark before going anywhere, plus applying for this form etc etc.

My question would be how it is with the housing and registration situation: do I have to be registered at the new place in the new country, or do I stay registered in Denmark? Because that fact influences a lot the search for an apartment in the new country.

Thank you in advance,
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recently we had a similar question from another user:

Is it possible to receive A-kasser when applying for a job outside of Denmark and living outside of Denmark?

In our answer we told the user that we have sent email/question to the relevant government authority here in Denmark, in order to find out precisely what is the requirements regarding housing/connection to Denmark, when an EU-graduate go to another EU-country to look for job.

We have been informed by the Government Authority that we will receive answer from them within about 10 days from now.

So we will inform you/update this page when we have the answer.

Hope this will be ok with you.

Another thing: You write in your contact message that you "need to have spend at least 4 weeks in Denmark before going anywhere". This is not always the case - there can be made exceptions, and one of them is if you are looking for work in the country in which you are a citizen. In that case you must have been registered with the job center one week as wholly unemployed. 

You can read more about this: Transferring unemployment benefits

We will be back with an update as soon as we have the information needed.

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Anders, www.a-kasser.dk

Ok, perfect, then I will still wait a bit with searching for an apartment until I have this information and know if I need to be registered there or not.
And yes, I have read about the exceptions. But I will spend a month in Chp anyways, plus I am not going to search in the country where I am from. But thx for all the information. :)
we have now got the answer from the danish Government Authority.

We asked them: Are there any requirements regarding having address/connection to Denmark,when EU-citizens currently living in Denmark go to another EU-country looking for job, and at the same time receiving 3 months of Unemployment benefits ("Dagpenge") from the danish A-kasse.

The answer from them:
It is a requirement that the member must be available in Denmark immediately prior to the date of departure.
This means that the member must be entitled to unemployment benefit on the day that he/she travels from Denmark. You can for instance be entitled to unemployment benefits if you have graduated with a danish education. Otherwise you can be entitled if you have been working 1.924 hours during the last 3 years.

Finally, this means that the member must reside and stay in Denmark on the date stated as the date of departure on the application (PD U2). The PD U2 application/document is needed when you want to export the 3 months of Unemployment benefits/Dagpenge to another EU-country. You apply for this by asking your A-kasse.

After the departure abroad, there is no longer a residence requirement for Denmark, this means that it is not required to maintain residence/address in Denmark. There is no further connection requirement in relation to residence in Denmark.

It is also of no relevance if the member leases or buys housing in the EU / EEA country where the member seeks work.

However, the member must maintain the membership of an Unemployment Fund ("A-kasse") in Denmark, in the period in which he/she applies for Unemployment benefits from Denmark. During this period, the member must possible to be contacted by the danish A-kasse.

Finally you are allowed to unregister from the Danish Population Register ("Folkeregistret") from the date of departure.

So the answer emphasizes that all that matters in relation to keep the right to Benefits/Dagpenge for 3 months is that you have address in Denmark at least up to the day of departure according to the PD U2 document.

Hope this will help you, otherwise please comment on this.

Best regards,
Anders, www.a-kasser.dk
Thanks a lot for the answer, it helps already.
Still I would like to add 1-2 small things, just to make clear I understood correctly.

1) As it is mentioned, from the day I leave to the new country, I am allowed to unregister in Denmark. But do I also have to, or can I decide that by my own?

2) You wrote it is of no relevance if the member leases or buys a house in the new country.
So, there are no requirements from Danish side how to register in the new country. So, if I just go to the new country and ask what the normal procedure is... that should be fine? I am just asking as not every country registers people the same way as Denmark does via online registration etc.

Thanks in advance,
1) No you dont have to unregister from Denmark, and if there is a chance that you will return to Denmark, it will be much more easy if you still are registered in Denmark.
So wait until you are sure about in which country you find job and will live.

2) You ask if there is any reguirements from danish side regarding how to register in the new country.
There is no requirement about the type or form (online or not) of registration like CPR we have in Denmark.
BUT it is important for your right to receive Unemployment benefits - that you register as an unemployed at the local Unemployment services in the new country ("in Denmark this is called "Jobcenter") at latest 7 days after the date of departure on the application (PD U2). This is because to being eligible for receiving unemployment benefits from Denmark, you must be available for taking job and at the same time you must accept/agree to any control of recipients of unemployment benefit in your new country, like if you was receiving the benefits from your new country.
Therefore we also recommend that you examine your rights and obligations as jobseekers in your new country.

Hope this clarifies, and good luck with jobsearch.

Hi again Anders,

ok perfect, that should be enough information for me now. Thanks a lot.
I was just not aware if there are any special requirements that Denmark needs from me concerning how to register my housing situation.
That I have to register as unemployed in the new country within 7 days I read before.
Anyways, thanks again.