Unemployment benefits for Non-eu master student with a accompanying family member visa.

Hi, I'm a non-eu master student graduating in June, I know that with my current student visa I can only receive the unemployment benefit for the 3 summer months when I am allowed to work full time.
But I am also married, and my wife holds a Pay Limit Scheme Visa, and I know I can change my visa to an accompanying family member of her and that would allow me to work full-time. My question is if I change my visa from student to accompanying family member am I still entitled to receive the unemployment benefits?
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you are right about that accompanying family member to Pay Limit Scheme Visa holders are allowed to work full time, and therefor also have right to receive unemployment benefits if the accompanying family member meet the general requirements for being eligible for unemployment benefits.

At the moment you have a student residence permit. And you must keep this a long as you have not finished study. If you change visa to an accompanying family member, you will be allowed to work, but not to study.

And if you are not allowed to study, you can not graduate and therefor not use the favourable rule for graduates.
If you have visa for work only, then you must have1.924 hours of work within the last three years and been a member of an unemployment insurance fund for at least one year, before you can get unemployment benefits.

You must ask your A-kasse in detail if you are eligible for unemployment benefits as a graduate (for more the the three summer months), if you change your visa from a study permit to a working permit right after graduation. Our perception is that you can have benefits, because the normal requirements for this is:

If a member has the right to reside and work in Denmark and, furthermore, meets the conditions for entitlement to unemployment benefits, including taking work on a day's notice, the member may receive unemployment benefits from the unemployment insurance fund.

However you should be aware that receiving unemployment benefits as an non-EU graduate in some cases can constrain your right to get a work and residence permit on another basis. Normally only Greencard and Establishment card should be affected, and not workpermit as an accompanying family member. But again we advice you to ask your A-kasse about this.

Please be aware that we ourselves are not an A-kasse, We have a website about all the danish A-kasser. So we dont know every rule in detail.

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Anders, www.a-kasser.dk


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