Benefits according to new rule and old rule.

Dear sir/ madam,

Could you please help me to get the answers about receiving unemployment benefits in the case below:

1. Became part time membership on 12 jan 2016
2.Switched to full time membership because I got full time job from 28 June 2016
3. I am still working full time ( 35 hours in week)
4. I took a sick leave about 6 weeks in march and until mid of April.
5. Until April my A-indkomst is around 237,000 kr . ( including sick payments)
6. 1 year of full-time membership  will be fulfilled on 28 June 2017
7. Working hours around 1400 hours since fulltime membership start date to end of April 2017.

1.after when can I get benefit  in the above situation?
2. Does Part time membership period is also be included for 1 years requirements or should I have to wait more 2 months as full time period meet on June 28. ?
3. If I lost job now, can I get benefits under new rule from 1 July 2017? as I have income around 227000 kr right now.

Hope you will help me to get rid of these confusions .

Thank you ! Have a great day!
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first of all you are right about that there will be a significant change per july 01, 2017, regarding the rule of how to earn a right to unemployment benefits.

If you get unemployed before july 01, 2017:

You must meet following requirements to be entitled to unemployment benefits:

you must have had at least 52 weeks (1.924 hours) of work within the last three years and been a member of an unemployment insurance fund for at least one year. To be reckoned, the working hours must be from periods when you have been member of an A-kasse.

As an Part-time insured you only need to have had at least 1.258 hours of working, but also get less in Unemployment benefits.

You have been member for more than 1 year, but both part-time and full-time insured. So the A-kasse will make a calculation. You dont tell us how much you have been working as part-time employed, but all hours within the last three years will be counted, no matter your kind of membership. 

The details about how the A-kasse will calculate this, you need to ask your A-kasse about.

If it ends up that you dont have enough hours, you could consider change you membership to part-time again. Then you will meet the requirements, but will get lower benefits rate.

A full-time insured gets in 2017 DKK 4.245 per week. A part-time insured gets DKK 2.830 per week.

But we advice you to ask your A-kasse more specific about this.

If you get unemployed after july 01, 2017:

After july 01, 2017 the A-kasse will not any longer look at how many hours you have been working during the last three years, but instead how much your income have been within the last three years before you got unemployed.

To be entitled to unemployment benefits after new rule you must have had an income of at least DKK 223.428 in TOTAL within the last three years. Also after new rule only income from period where you have been member of an A-kasse is reckoned.

There is a maximum of how much income you can take into account every month, this is DKK 18.619. So also after the new rule you must have had worked for 12 months to being eligible for unemployment benefits.

Also after july 01, 2017 there is requirement of at least 1 year membership of an A-kasse.

Conclusion: After july 01, 2017 you have been full-time member for over 1 year, and also have earned more than DKK 223.428, so you can get unemployment benefits.

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your detail answers. Now I understand that only the hours or income counted from the start day of membership til now. For example in my case I have part time hours total 356 hours before I switched to full time ( I start part time membership in 12 jan 2017 until 27 june 2017)  and from 28 June I am full timer employee. So these total 356 hours from  part time period  will be added to current full time period membership .

And I have still a confusion that I have taken sick leave for 6 weeks so what about sick leave hours and income ? Are they also counted ?

Thank you and have a bright sunny day.

Best Regards.
as we can see you will have difficult in getting the total of at least 1.924 hours within membership period (three years back in time). But yes the 356 hours will be included in your total hours.
It seems you have to work 1-2 months more to reach 1.924 hours, and then it will be after july 01, 2017 and the new rule must be used.

So after the old rule you can not have Unemployment benefits according to fulltime insurance. Maybe possible with part-time insurance (if you swich back again), but get this confirmed by you A-kasse.

About period with sick leave: If you got paid by your employer according to your contract it counts as normal workinghours.

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Once again thank you sir for your answer. Have a great day !! :) :)
Dear Sir,
Is the income requirement 223.428 kr before tax or after tax?

The income requirement is BEFORE tax.