Why permanent address in Denmark at study-start?

Why it is relevant for all the A-kasse if I had a permanent address in Denmark at least one day before my studies?
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it is the law decided by the Danish Government, that states what are the requirements for being eligible for dagpenge, and NOT something that the A-kasser decide themselves.

So for being eligible for dagpenge as an graduate the law says that you must have address in Denmark latest one day before starting study. I can not precisely tell you why the Government has decided this - but off course it has something to do with the fact that the Danish Government dont want to support students/graduates not living in Denmark.

We have in many ways favorable conditions for both students and graduates in Denmark - but we have this because the Danish Government hope that graduates continue to live and find job in Denmark, and by this way contribute to the Danish Society.

And one way to determine if a foreigner student has the wish to live in Denmark, is that he/she has address in Denmark.

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Comment april 06 by  daniellad:

Hej Anders,

thank you for your answer on my question. The reason why I have asked is because due to a late acceptance letter from Aalborg University (on 25th of August), I was not able to arrive Denmark and have a registered address before the study start on the 2nd of September.
Therefore I have already contacted to the university about the case, but I also would like to ask you what would be the right procedure towards any of the A-kasse in order my application to be accepted in such special case. Is there anything that I can provide from the University.

Regarding the law that you have describe I have the concern as I do not understand how the arrival day and the exact physical beginning of the studies is connected to the fact that I have been residing in Denmark since I started my education and also planning to stay in the country. In fact, comparing to student who might have arrived and possessed a registered address before their studies started, but only spent one year in Denmark, due to an internship and thesis work abroad, additionally not planning to stay and find a job in Denmark.

I hope you share my concern and can provide me an answer how this wicked problem can be solved.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Kind regards,

In principle, all rules has to be taken seriously and exceptions can normally not be made.

We have been searching for cases like yours to see if A-kasse can make exceptions for the requirement of having
address in Denmark latest one day before starting study - but we have not found anything that indicate this.

All websites of different A-kasser we have checked all state the same as we do on our website, that you must have adress in DK one day before start study.

I agree with you that it can be difficult to understand why it should be so important that you live in Denmark exactly same day you start study.

We can not tell if the A-kasse will accept your excuse for not living in Denmark. If you can get some letter/documentation from Aalborg University, saying that it was not possible for you to know that you were admitted to the University, before only few days before start of study, then maybe you have a good case.

We would be interested in knowing what kind of answer you will get from the A-kasse.

So you are welcome to post here or inform us about it.

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