The best a-kasse for a fashion student?

Can you tell me what would be the best a-kasse for a fashion student?

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you only tell you are a fashion student.

If you are student at a University or other higher education institution, and you would like to have advantages like networking with other people/students with higher education, we think the best choice would be MA A-kasse. MA A-kasse has many members within creative fields, like design etc., but only people with high theoretically education.

If you study on a lower level (academy, design school etc) then FTF-A-kasse would be a natural choice. FTF-A has among their members many from within creative practical fields like movie, music, art, design etc.

FTF-A is among the cheapest A-kasser. Off course the price for membership is not relevant as long as you are student - because it is free as long as you are student.

But if you plan to stay in Denmark after you graduate, it is relevant already now to have an good/cheap A-kasse.

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Comment by Inga:
thank you for consulting me,
but if i have a free membership for what do i have to pay or you mean i have to pay after this 5 years?
I am a student at Teko university.
and i still have 2 years before i graduate, do you think i should apply now or better 1 year before graduation?

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Yes you have free membership as long as you are student. I mention price, more like an information for you - because after you graduate you must begin to pay for A-kasse. And in this context it could be nice to know which A-kasser is among the cheap ones. Remeber no matter what A-kasse you choose you will have the same rights regarding Unemployment benefits etc. You rights (and obligations) is stated in the law, and actually benefits is paid by the danish state - not the A-kasse. Your A-kasse do the pratical work/administration, but the money comes from the danish State.

I will recommend that you join the A-kasse already now even if you have two years left. Remember that you must become member at latest 1 year before graduate.

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