Is it possible to pay retroactives ?

Hi, I am Portuguese and have worked in Denmark for a Danish employer since March 2014. Only recently I was informed that I should have an Unemployment insurance fund. I have read the 8 week rule and I would like to know if it is possible to pay retroactives and apply since I started working?
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No it is not possible to pay (or apply for membership) "back in time". So if you are not member/have not been member during last year in your own country (Portugal) it is not possible for you to get Unemployment benefits in case you loose your job. It is possible to transfer your membership-periods/workinghours within EU-countries. And yes, in this case there is the 8 week-rule.

If you want to being eligible for unemployment benefits in Denmark you must start to pay to an danish A-kasse and wait 1 year.

The only exemption to this, is for new graduates. They can get benefits without prior membership.

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