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I would like to ask whether I am eligible for applying for A-kasse when I live abroad and have de-registered from Denmark, however I will finish my Bachelor degree at a university from Copenhagen at the end of January. Can I still apply?

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if you want to use the rules for graduates then you must have been living in Denmark latest the day before you started your education at University of Copenhagen AND also you must live here again no later than 14 days after you finish your education.

But its ok you live in another country during your study.

So if you plan to stay permanent in another country than Denmark, then it is not possible for you to get unemployment benefits. And therefor it will make no sense for you to apply for membership.

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I had the same question but in regards to living in Denmark I have understood that it is possible to receive Danish unemployment benefits for up to three months even if you are abroad. Is that not so?

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the person who asked the question told that he/she had "de-registered from Denmark".
If you have "de-registered" from Denmark then you are not entitled to receive unemployment benefits from Denmark.

You can only be covered by the unemployment insurance system in one EEA country (EEA countries = EU member countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) at a time. The main rule is that you have to be covered by the unemployment insurance system of the country in which you work or study.

So if you live in Denmark, and is an EEA-citizen, and graduate from a danish school/University then it is correct that you have the right to take your Unemployment benefits with you (for up to three months) to another EEA-country. However there is still some requirements for this - mentioned in the article about transferring Unemployment benefits, - most important that you before leaving Denmark have been registered as an unemployed jobseeker at "Jobcenter" for at least 4 weeks. There is exemptions to this, as mentioned in our article.

Hope this clarifies things a bit more for you, otherwise please post comment.

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