Can a Cross Border graduate get dagpenge in DK?

I am a full time student of the Cross Border Bachelor "Int. Management B.A. ( University Flensborg) / Int. Business Administration and Modern Languages B.Sc. (Syddansk Unversitet Sønderborg).
I will finish my Bachelor next summer and then wish to move up to Allborg to my boyfriend. I hope to find a job soon after that, but I can not know. Therefor I want to know if i can get A Kasser after I graduate. I do not live in DK right now, I live in Flensborg since it is cheaper and I am having a part time student job here, so that I can finance my studies.
Thanks in advanced.
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to be eligible for unemployment benefits as an graduate you must meet some requirements - see our info-page for graduates. One of them is that you had a permanent address in Denmark no later than one day before the start of your education.

What you tell us is that you live in Flensburg. If you also were living there when you started the education then you will not meet the requirements.

It dosen't matter that the education is offered by a danish University - if you don't live here when you start you can not get unemployment benefits as an graduate.

On the other hand you dont need to follow education offered by a danish school to being eligible for benefits. But still you have to live in Denmark no later than one day before you start the study.

We (only us) can see your name -and it seems you can be an NON EU-citizen. If thats the case then you must have full work permit to get unemployment benefits. The normal student-permit that international (non EU) students gets in Denmark do not give you permission to work fulltime in Denmark, and therefor international students can not get unemployment benefits after education.

Though there is an exception which mean that international graduates in Denmark can get unemployment benefits for the months june, july and august. Read our article about this here.

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