What happens if I am hired and the fired?

If I am receiving unemployment benefits as a graduate, I find a job and I am hired in a company. But unfortunately I am fired after working for some weeks, do I still have the opportunity to keep receiving benefits (during maximum 2 years) until I find another job?
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one of the requirements for being eligible for unemployment benefits is that you must have had at least 52 weeks (1.924 hours) of work within the last three years.

This employment requirement can be met by combining paid work with a part of an education that precedes you paid job.

So if you get fired from you job you will meet this requirement.

Also the requirement of at least 1 year of membership of an A-kasse you will meet, provided that you continue paying for A-kasse membership also when you start working.

So the answer is: Yes you can get continue getting benefits if you loose your job.

You can get up to two years of unemployment benefits during a 3 year referenceperiod.

You will earn the right to a new benefit period if, following the recent classification in the benefit period you have at least 1.924 hours/52 weeks of paid work.

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