First day of permanent address??

I have a question regarding the day that shows the permanent address in Denmark for foreign graduates regarding the requirements for unemployment benefits which state the following:
-You had a permanent address in Denmark no later than one day before the start of your education.
Should that day be:
1. The day that the tenancy lease is signed?
2. The day that the application for recidence permit at The Regional State Administration - Statsforvaltningen was made
3.The day you get the answer from The Regional State Administration?
4. The day that the registration for CPR to the Citizen Service Office (Borgerservice) was made?

I would really appreciate your help because i got totally confused! Thank you :-)
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for meeting the requirement you must be resident in Denmark at a minimum the day before your start your education.

This means that you must be in/live in Denmark no later than the day before starting education.

The best for you would be to have a public registered address in Denmark. But it is also possible to prove in other ways that you were actually living in Denmark the day before beginning education - for instance a landlord's statement that you have rented a property from a given date may be sufficient proof of a place of residence.

What matters is that you physically live in Denmark. Your danish address must be considered to be your actual residence. The address must also be considered as your current and usual place of residence.

Hope it helps..

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Hi, I was wondering about the same thing. What evidence do I need to provide to say that I was in Denmark at least the day before I start the study period?
you need to prove that you actually were living here (like a signed tenancy agreement, bills showing that you were paying rent). The best - most easy for you - and the normal procedure when you move would be to register your new address with the public authorities ("Folkeregistret"). If you have done that, off course the A-kasse would have no problem to verify from what date you were living in Denmark.

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