Hi! How does the receiving A kasse look like when you dont pass the last exam?


I was wondering what I can do in the situation when I do not pass my last, bachelor exam?
I know that we have three attempts, but how does the situation with application for the unemployment insurance look like?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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if you do not (at some point) pass the examen you can not use the special rules for graduates.

But it dosen't matter if you do not pass in first attempt.

If you have been free study-member you should be aware that you can have that for maximum 5 years, but it seems not to be problem for you, because you graduate with a bachelor.

If you do not pass any examen at all and quit the study - you only can get unemployment benefits if you meet the normal requirements for employed people.

Hope it clarifies, otherwise write a comment on this.



Dear Anders,

Thank you for your answer.
As I understand, I can not use the graduates rules only if I do not pass at all, not if I for example fail at the first attempt or the second one?

yes you can use the graduates rules if you finish you bachelor. It dosen't matter if you pass in first, second or third attempt. But to use the rules you must finish an education of duration of at least 18 months (3 semestre).

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