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I am a bachelor graduating student. My question is how can i apply for A-kasser and if i can benefit from it. I have worked before in Denmark for 2 years(until August 2014). I have also sing up for A-kasser through
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thank you for your question.

1. If you will soon graduate you should use the special rule for new graduates.
Please read
You will get about DKK 14.690 month = 82% of maximum unemployment benefit.
2. To be entitled to 100% unemployment benefits when you become unemployed,
you must have had at least 52 weeks of work within the last three years and been a member
of an unemployment insurance fund for at least one year.
You tell you have signed with a-kasse through PROSA. PROSA is a UNION,
NOT an a-kasse.
You should have been member of an A-kasse for one year. Please check that!

If you only have been member of PROSA not an A-kasse then I will suggest that you
use the rule for new graduates. You will only get 82% of fulle unemployment benefit,
but its better than nothing..

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Thank your for the fast reply. I have not been a member of a-kasse before so  i guess my only option is to go with special rule for graduates. I have only one question i am finishing Bachelor in Web development at KEA(Copenhagen school of Design and Technology) so with which A-kasse fund should i register MA A-kasse or CA A-kasse.
Thank you for your time.

If you think your future job will be in the private sector working with , IT-strategy, IT-consultant, e-business, webshop or e-marketing related stuff you should choose CA A-kasse.
If you are more towards the technician IT, development, coding I think the right choise would be MA A-kasse.

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I have registered in the MA A-kasse. How will i be able to find out if i am approved and when i will be able to receive benefits.
Thnak you for your tie