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I am on a pay limit scheme work permit. Is it worth becoming a member of a-kasser and paying to unemployment insurance?
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you have been offered a highly paid job (pay limit scheme), so you wonder if its worth becoming member of an A-kasse.

Our answer of your question depends on the type of work-permit you have. Becoming member of an A-kasse is only relevant if you are allowed to work in Denmark for more than 1 year.

This, because to being eligible for unemployment benefits you should have been member of an A-kasse the last year before applying for benefits, and you also must have been working 52 weeks (1.924 hours) during the last 3 years. Read more...

So you can get benefits if you start paying to A-kasse today and do that for one year. We assume that you after 1 year also will have been worked 1.924 hours.

If you have a residence and work permit on the grounds of an unlimited job contract (that is, a job contract with no expiration date), the duration of your permit will normally be four years. After this point, you can apply for an extension of your permit if you are still in the same job. If your permit expires, and you have applied for an extension, and you are still in the same job, on the same terms, as when you got your original permit, then you can stay in Denmark and continue working while your application for an extension is being processed. Your permit can be extended even if the pay limit is raised, leaving your annual pay under the new limit, provided that you are still in the same job, on the same terms.

If you have a residence and work permit on the grounds of a temporary job contract, the duration of your permit will be the same as that of your job contract plus six months (but no longer than four years in total). The reason is that you are granted an additional six months’ permit to allow you to look for a new job when your job contract expires. During the job seeking period you are not allowed to work.

What we have read about The Pay Limit scheme it seems that being member of an A-kasse is relevant for you. You only pay about kr. 450/month, but if you get unemployment benefits you will receive 4.180/week.

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